The Brief History and Future of Flash

Future of Flash

Flash games are browser games that are accessible on the Internet. This was done by setting it up on a browser that supports these games. Standard browser plug-ins run these games at their smoothest. The development of these games is through the use of regular web technologies and supportive technologies for the game. This allows the game to run the website or browser at a given notice. 

On December 1996, flash games were created. The release of these games was done by FutureSplash Animator. The name of went through several more name change such as Futurewave and Macromedia Flash. In tandem with the release of this animation software came the ActionScript program. The ActionScript controlled the language for the software to run properly. ActionScript and Macromedia led the first developers for web-based games.

How the developers of these games made flash games were done in a couple of steps, first they would get the game design document completed. That would account for the layouts and rules on how to keep the game interesting. Get down into the engine of the game and get a small demon started. Once all that is over with creating the assets for the gameplay. This is easily done for many developers using Flash for their games. For new developers, there are manuals and tutorials to go about creating the game. 

Flash turned into AdobeFlash and was a big source for not just games but other entertainment. Flash time on the internet was a hit with game sites, but it didn’t excel in other areas for the web. As of 2020, Adobe is going to cut off support to the software. It is in favor of more user-friendly and web-friendly internet. It does not mean Flash will completely go out on all websites. Flash friendly websites will still support the software. Search engines and web browser would depend on the company.