Online Flash Games Are Still The Best Time Killers

Online Flash Games

Everyone suffers from the guilty pleasure of playing games every once in a while, especially at the office or at school. Since playing on a smartphone is a bit obnoxious, flash games remain the most popular option.

Online flash games developed into an industry of its own. Since internet speeds accelerated over the past few years, flash games became more complex, challenging and engaging. Some games are so good that players spend hours every single day, playing them. The spark of creativity from small flash game developers is truly amazing but there are some limitations. As Adobe Flash is not meant to be used to create 3D games, it is nearly impossible to find any sorts of 3D flash games.

In all honesty, nobody wants to play a flash 3D shooter at work or school. Clicking frenetically and smashing the keyboard is not a pleasant sight and draws too much attention. Strategy games, tower defense games, and RPGs are the best kind of flash games. Old flash games were mostly arcade but these days, it is all about strategy and RPGs.

Some of these small games managed to transition into mobile games. This is a true testimony to just how great small flash games can be. Several game studios are focused specifically on making flash games and some of these games got extremely popular. A few developers even managed to get old console games to run in browsers as flash games.

One last reason why flash games are the best time killers is the sheer number of games available. There are millions of flash games that can be played at any given time in just a matter of seconds. If you do not like one game, there are many more to try or a plethora of game genres to explore.